Plant Engineering Division – Service

Trust and Satisfaction

“Can you make it faster?”
“Can you make it stronger?”
“Can you make it better value?”

These are some of the questions our customers ask us and we do our best to ensure the answer is almost always yes. In every case, we combine our skills with innovative thinking to achieve the best possible results for you, the customer.

Established in 1988, Manuflex has a strong portfolio of longstanding customers, forging relationships built on trust and understanding.

Manuflex has worked closely with Finning UK for many years, growing a strong, co-operative partnership that endures today. We pride ourselves on bringing new and existing customers the same level of expertise, quality and innovation Finning UK has come to expect from the Manuflex.

The versatility and experience of the Manuflex team means we adapt and grow with our customers, understanding your changing needs, as your business develops.

We offer the integrity you need to be able to trust us with confidential designs, knowing we will deliver on time and in budget. When quality and reliability matter, companies turn to Manuflex.


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